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myspace.com [12 Oct 2003|08:52pm]
Just got a myspace.com account.
If ya have one, feel free to add me: myspace.com/kiloriley

Also, this is my last public entry. All future ones will be private or such.
Still remaining active in my communities though.
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shave and a haircut [08 Oct 2003|04:23am]
[ mood | dead sexy ]

Janna gave me a haircut last night and re-dyed it. I can't help but laugh whenever she is rinsing it out. I looks like she's murdering me or something, like blood running all down the sink. I'd love for someone to walk in right in the middle of that.

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Two Johns passed away overnight [12 Sep 2003|04:45am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Johnny Cash and John Ritter passed away.
I can't say I'm torn apart about either, but I still find it sad.
Honestly, I thought Cash had already passed away, but John Ritter is a complete shock.
According to the news, he passed out at work on Thursday and died overnight in the hospital from an unrecognizable heart condition. Not the Ritter has had any kind of impact on my life, but I'm still somewhat saddened about it - him passing away right when he's making a comeback of sorts. I found him to be a good guy. Whenever I've seen him in tv interviews recently, instead of using that time to plug his show, he's been plugging charities and good causes.
The new season of his show is supposed to be premiering in a couple weeks. I can't say I've seen much of it, but I'm curious how the network will handle his death.

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quiet, stomach [11 Sep 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Feed me, Seymour.

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shirtless [03 Sep 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Alright. Who did it? Who took my black t-shirt?
I'm getting changed, grab a shirt from my closet, the phone rings, go to answer it, when I return the shirt is nowhere to be found.

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damn me [27 Aug 2003|05:28am]
[ mood | guilty ]

I've been whored into signing up for Friendster.
If you too are on there, feel free to add me:

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Ugh, ahm tho thick. [23 Aug 2003|07:46pm]
[ mood | sick ]

My throat hurts, my head hurts, it hurts to breathe, my eyes hurts.
I'm staying in tonight. Janna said she'd be over after work with some soup and tlc.

Boston was so much fun.
It was really good to see family and old friends.
We had a bitch of time getting back to Phoenix though.
We were originally supposed to fly through Dallas and land in Phoenix just before 11pm.
However, our flight to Dallas got cancelled. Something was wrong with the plane that had to be worked on overnight. So we got on a flight to Vegas (which also left late) and got to Phoenix around 3am. I stopped by Evan's, picked up my puppy, went home and slept so hard.
And the cherry on that sundae was the fact that our luggage was sent to Dallas, and we didn't even get our bags until a few days later.
Hooray for travel!

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fly fly away [11 Aug 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm going to Boston for a while. I'm leaving Wednesday morning with Janna.
And Jill, who will be in Tampa visiting her folks, is going to join us up there on Friday and fly back to Phoenix with us on Sunday.
Evan and Jessica have kindly agreed to look after Grover while I'm gone.
Looking forward to it.

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ddr [27 Jul 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Guess who recently came into possession of a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad???
Yes, that's right.
Yours truly.
I played DDR for about 2 hours straight this morning.
It made me realize how fortunate the people who live in the apartment upstairs should feel that I'm the one living on the first floor and that they're on the second.
Otherwise, I think me falling through their ceiling would ruin their Sunday brunch.

Okay, I should probably go shower before the Ozma show tonight.

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interview game [18 Jul 2003|04:50am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm going to post 5 questions that someone (brooksie) asked me, and if you want to play all you have to do is reply to this and say "Interview me!"

I will reply with 5 questions, and you copy those in to your journal and answer them. Then you tell everyone else about the rules of the game and it keeps going.

My interviewCollapse )

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should i stay or should i go? [15 Jul 2003|04:44am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Warped Tour today.
Haven't decided if I'll be going or not yet.
We'll see.
I'm much more looking forward to the Rx Bandits Cd Release Party this Saturday night.

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hockey is fun [02 Jul 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | bored ]

blah blah blah [stuff about my girlfriend] blah blah
blah blah [stuff about my dog] blah blah blah
blah blah blah [went to these shows] blah blah
Food is good.

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bring it [21 Jun 2003|12:41am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So as of last week, I've decided to take up hockey again.
Any wagers on how long before I break something?

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S-A--T-U-R--D-A-Y---Hey! [14 Jun 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I'm going to spend my Saturday night sitting home alone (w/ G-dog, of course), playing video games, and watching movies.

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oh and..... [03 Jun 2003|07:57am]
[ mood | happy ]

AND Janna told me yesterday that she is going to be enrolling into a culinary school.

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trip back home [03 Jun 2003|07:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

I got to see all of my family and a bunch of old friends this weekend. My friend Jill lost an old friend in Philly and was taking a last minute trip to the memorial service this past Friday. I didn't want her to go there alone, so I offered to come along. It just so happens that we got a good deal on two last minute round trip tix to Boston, which ended up costing less than one ticket to Philly. We have friends in both towns, so getting rides and places to stay was no problem at all. We left late Thursday night, and got to Boston Friday morning. We met up with my parents for breakfast, borrowed one of their cars and drove to Philly from there. After Philly, we went to DC to visit with my brother and a few more friends. We spent Friday night in DC, drove back to Boston Saturday and spent the night hanging out with friends and family there. My mom and aunts made this huge dinner Saturday night. So much food, so many people, nothing but family and really good friends. It was the best. Its been so long since the last time I've had a giant homemade meal like that. That alone made the whole trip worth it.
We had a 10:30 flight home Sunday morning. We should've gotten back to Phoenix by a little after 3pm, but we missed our connecting flight in Houston. We caught a later flight though and were back home by 6:30pm or so. We were both exhausted when we got back into town. Jill pointed out to me that we had been in 9 different states over 3 days (MA, MD, CT, AZ, TX, NJ, NY, PA, DE). 10 if you count DC as a state. Hmm, I didn't even realize it.
So needless to say, I went to sleep as soon as I got home. Jill on the other hand went straight to band practice. I'm 80% convinced that she just may be a robot.

All in all, it was a great trip.
Happy moments, sad moments, loud moments, quiet moments, fast moments, slow moments.
And luckily I've been fortunate enough to have slept off all of my jet lag.

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shows [20 May 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Last night we went and saw Michelle Branch at the Cajun House.
Surprisingly I had a good time.
Tonight we're going to see Monique Powell and her Fake Ferris.
But way more importantly, we get to see Workshirt Wonder open for her.

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errands are way better with friends [14 May 2003|02:45pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I had a great day yesterday, just driving all over town getting random stuff done with two great friends.

Why I Love My Friends:

Me: "Oh, we should probably stop in here really quick."
Evan: "PetSmart? Why here?"
Me: "'Cause I needta pick up some dog food."
Evan: "Dog food? What do you need that for?"
Jill: "I'm pretty sure dog food has just the one function."

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weee [12 May 2003|04:37am]
[ mood | bored ]

Evan sent me this link:

What's your name's anagrams?
"Hi. Sorry....Lice."
"Sir, I cry 'HOLE!!'"
"Oil is cherry."
"Relish or icy?"

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last night [27 Apr 2003|02:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

There was just too many things going on last night, too many places we wanted to be.
Janna and I pretty much spent the whole night jumping from place to place, but luckily it worked out that everything was on the way to some place else.
First we went to a party at the studio Warren works at for a while. I think it was a cd release party for someone or another. Then we swung down to Skateland just in time to catch WorkShirt Wonder's set (christ, they're outstanding). Jill had on this shirt, it had hearts and rainbows on it, and it said "I Hate Myself and I want to Die." Oh man, that is the best shirt EVER, I'm going to steal it. As soon as they finished their last song we hadta take off to Janna's roommate's surprise birthday party, got there JUST in time for the big surprise. (I'm not a big fan of that girl, but Janna lives with her, so it was kinda required to make an appearance.) THEN Janna and I snuck away to go grab something to eat, just the two of us. And afterwards, we all just met up at Evan's to hang out for a while.
And that's how that story goes.

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